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Micron Paint

Micron is the unit of measurement used to determine very small thickness measures. It is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimeter. Although the paint thickness applied in the factory production of the vehicles varies according to the brand and type, it is around 90 – 160 microns on average. In the paint repairs made to the vehicles after the factory exit, this thickness level rises well above the factory standards due to the paint and its derivatives applied during the repair.

Thanks to the “micron paint” technique made with MTC special products, the micron thickness of the paint in the area of the vehicle that has not been painted (from the factory) is measured, and the paint thickness of the place to be repaired is ensured to be at this micron thickness.

We recommend it especially for our customers who do not want a difference in paint thickness between the panels in their upper segment and vehicle. After the repair, a visual and repair quality success close to 100% (ex-factory standards) is achieved.